Fire resistant plants should be considered when landscaping around your home.

By replacing highly flammable native vegetation and landscaping with these recommended species, you can significantly improve the survivability of your home in the case of a wildfire.

These plants should not be planted in continuous beds, but should be separated to prevent the spread of fire.

To maintain their resistance to fire, they need to be watered and pruned to remove dead leaves and branches.

Routine care and maintenance will provide you with an attractive defensible space against wildfire.

Contact your local nursery for selections appropriate to your area.

Ground Covers

Yarrow   Achillea tomentosa
Rock Rose   Cistus vellosus
Dwarf Coyote Bush   Baccharis pilularis prostratus
Morning Glory Bush   Convolvulus cneorum
Australian Fuchsia   Correa
African Daisy   Osteospermum fruticosum
Sunrose   Helianthemum nummularium
Ice Plant   Many Varieties
Statice   Limonium perezii
Honeysuckle   Lonicera halliana
Freeway Daisy   Osteospermum
Green Lavender Cot.   Santolina virens
Perennial Verbena   Verbena peruviana
Dwarf Periwinkle   Vinca minor
Silver Mound   Artemesia caucasica
Capeweed   Arctotheca calendula
Snow in Summer   Cerastium tomentosum
Winter Creep   Euyonymus radicans
Ivy   Hedera
Aaron's Beard   Hypericum calycinum
Candytuft   Iberis sempervirens, Lippia repens, Myoporum parvifolium
Creeping Rosemary   Rosmarinus officinalis prostrata
Periwinkle   Vinca major


Bearberry   Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Silver Spreader  Artemisia caucasica
Escallonia   Several Varieties
Texas Privet   Ligustrum texanum
Italian Buckthorn   Rhamnus alaternus
Lemonade Berry   Rhus integrifolia
Star Jasmine   Trachelospermum
Hopseed Bush   Dodonaea viscosa
Toyon   Heteromeles arbutifolia
Oleander   Nerium oleander
Carolina Cherry   Prunus caroliniana
Catalina Cherry   Prunus lyonii
Carmel Creeper   Ceanothus horizontalis


Carob   Ceratonia siliqua
California   Pepper Schinus molle
African Suman  Rhus lancea
Brazilian Pepper   Schinus terebinthifolia

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