About Us

The South Lake Fire Protection District is the third largest fire protection district in California and serves residents and property owners in a 286 square mile area.

In July 2001, The South Lake Fire Safe Council was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization for the purpose of helping residents and property owners within the South Lake Fire Protection District decrease wildfire hazards through fuel reduction and education. 


Since incorporation the SLFSC has:

  • Created a Supporting Membership Program
  • Provided Low-cost Chipping to more than 1200 properties
  • Created more than 11 miles of Shaded Fuel Breaks
  • Presented Fire Safety Information to Elementary Schools    
  • Supported and Assisted local communities in becoming Firewise Communities
  • Assisted the Volunteer Firefighters Reflective Address Sign Program
  • Attended and participated in Community Events throughout the District
  • Provided Fire Safety Information requested by Community Members

Board Members

President: Julianne Lewis
Vice President: Theresa Peek
Secretary/Treasurer: Marty Englander