Reflective Address Signs

Reflective address signs help emergency workers find your home quickly and easily. Displaying your address can save crucial time during natural disasters.

To submit an order for a Reflective Address Sign, complete the form here.

Orders are placed once a month and should arrive between two (2) to three (3) weeks from order date. If the sign order is for the purposes of meeting Public Resources Code 4290 requirement Sections 1274.08 Address for Buildings, 1274.09 Size of Letters, Numbers, and Symbols for Addresses, and 1274.10 Installation, Location and Visibility of Addresses, the sign order must be placed well in advance. A delay in the installation will not be grounds for granting final approval.

Signs must be installed to the standards of the Public Resources Code 4290 requirements Section 1274.10 Installation, Location and Visibility of Addresses, permanently placed at the driveway entrance and visible from both directions of travel along the road of at least 100 feet. 5′ metal post are recommended for installation and can be purchased at most local hardware stores.

Mounting Your Reflective Address Sign


Address signs should be installed on either side of the driveway, whichever is most visible from both directions.

For properties greater than an acre and those with a long driveways, address signs should be installed at the beginning of the driveway and another address sign should be installed closer to the residence should your driveway exceed 100 ft.

Should there be multiple residences off of the same private road, it is requested that all addresses be mounted on one post at the beginning of the roadway and individual address signs posted at the beginning of each individual driveway.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding installation.


Cobb & Middletown: Sign is a 18″x 6″ (horizontal) reflective address sign that may be mounted on a 5′ green metal post.

Hidden Valley Lake: Sign is a 6″x18″ (vertical) reflective address sign that may be mounted on 4″x4″x6′ wooden post or contact HVLA regarding mounting requirement.